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ZN Talisman Art

Newport Beach, NSW, Australia
a modern take on an ancient, traditional art form of the Talisman by Zabette Neuman

“Creating is a ‘raison d’etre’ for me; it challenges me, brings me great joy, keeps my energy high and most importantly is Fun. It makes me happy!” This is how Talisman Art was born, from a desire to offer a unique personalized service as well as creating beautiful artworks. Talismans have been created and used for centuries in many cultures as attractors and holders of wellbeing and prosperity. ZN Talisman Art is a modern take on this ancient, traditional art form.

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Unique Talisman Art

SYDNEY, NSW | ART COMMISSION | A highly personalised, circular artwork on a square board or canvas is created and used to focus powerful positive energy to an environment, be it an individual’s personal space, a family home or business premises. A Talisman is an object which is imbued with properties of power and protection. Talismans have … Continue reading “Unique Talisman Art”

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