Welcome to my world, I am Amanda Skye.

I am mother of one, a beautiful little girl Amelia, who loves to sit by my side in her own creative outlet and a partner to Steven who also has a background in colour coordination and painting, just not the canvas kind.

I've had an eventful life of careers starting in the zoological industry to travel agency to real estate and interior styling, very different from each other however I have always been a painter, it is the air that I breath, I could not imagine my life without paint on my hands every day.

I enjoy painting flora, plants, wildlife and even portraiture. I love loose formations of colour however I have this keen eye to introduce some kind of detail at times.

Over many years I have developed alternative styles, but this is because of one particular reason which as you read on you will know exactly why. I love to experiment, I love the surprise, I love the imagination of being able to apply different elements to create a piece that somehow works in my eyes.

The one constant in all of this is the person I create art for, at any given time. It is not for me to dictate a theme or style, instead it is the person's soul that guides my work. Whether it is a landscape, a bird, a symbol, a feather or an abstract piece on canvas; I see my role as being present to listen and use my intuition – and then hand the paintbrush, pen; or whatever medium the piece dictates over to a higher source. With intuition at the centre of this conversation, the final piece always exceeds mine and their expectations.

Art should be enjoyed by everybody, and it is my wish that these bespoke pieces enjoy a long and happy life on the walls of as many people as possible.

I hope you enjoy the collection!

Amanda Skye