Welcome to my world, I am Amanda Skye . I come from a small sweet little town called Helensburgh in the Northern Illawarra region of NSW surrounded by beautiful bush, coastlines and wildlife which you can probably tell is the inspiration to many of my pieces. Coming from a creative family with 2 sisters, my mother is a clairvoyant medium while my father loves to build and tinker with wood. I am mother of one, a beautiful little girl Amelia, who loves to sit by my side in her own creative outlet and a partner to Steven who also has a background in colour co ordination and painting, just not the canvas kind.

I've had an eventful life of careers starting in the zoological industry to travel agency to real estate and interior styling, very different from each other however I have always been a painter, it is the air that I breath, I could not imagine my life with out paint on my hands everyday.

I love to experiment, I love the surprise, I love the imagination of being able to apply different elements to create a piece that somehow works in my eyes. 

For a long time I struggled with the fact that my art didn't fit inside a category or align to a particular theme. But then I realized that this is the point. 

In life, none of us fit into a contained theme or style, and nor should art. Some days I wake up and want to paint messy images all day long, while other days a fine line sketch holds my interest. I suspect I will always be like this, it is not a stage I am going through. This approach simply reflects who I am.