Hello there neighbours! 

Thanks for visiting our page here! You may be wondering who we are and what we do?!  

We run Hypmotive which is our art & design concept store (pronounced hip-motive! Once you know it, you won't forget it!)

We specialise in unique art and design produced by local artists, designers, makers and unique Australian brands across gifting, jewellery, homewares and more alongside running events and workshops throughout the year.

You can find us on ground floor of the new side, with our shop name of course and with a huge pink neon sign that says "Local Creatives & Australian Brands".    

We're all about living a more creative life and we do this by supporting The Arts, local creative sole traders and the small business community by providing a retail, workshop and events platform alongside by providing our customers with access to interesting and unique gifts, art, design and hands on creative workshop experiences, such as pottery! 

We have some exclusive offers for the community that works within Marrickville Metro! 

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