DIY Pottery 'Paint Me' Planter Pot Kit
DIY Pottery 'Paint Me' Planter Pot Kit

DIY Pottery 'Paint Me' Planter Pot Kit

Create unique in the comfort of your home with this DIY ceramic kit.

Included are all the materials you need to decorate and paint your own design on to planter pot wheel thrown by Potter Panks! 

Kit includes:

  • One (1) bisque planter pot.
  • One (1) bisque dish.
  • Each planter pot and dish is wheel thrown by Potter Panks using fine white stoneware and bisque fired.
  • Size approx: 10x10cm.
  • 3 x 5mL pots of  underglaze (ceramic paint).
  • 1 x Paintbrush.
  • 1 x Instructions including Potter Panks ceramic tips.

Once finished you can return to us and we will apply clear glaze and pop it in the kiln for the final firing process. Please allow up to 2 weeks for this last part of the process to be complete. Once fired, we will be in contact with you to arrange pick up.

If you are unable to return the ceramic item to us, you can simply take it to your local ceramics studio for a coat of clear glaze and final firing to finish off your planter pot and dish. Whatever studio you choose to take it to, the studio's prices will apply.