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Square+Round Garden Basin

MARRICKVILLE, NSW | CUSTOM SERVICES | Square+Round Garden Basin, a little luxury for your garden and pets. Square+Round Garden Basins are a custom design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Individually hand crafted from the base structure by the designer in an art studio in Sydney. The unique polka-dot motifs are created with penny tiles which are … Continue reading “Square+Round Garden Basin”

Square+Round Wash Basin

MARRICKVILLE, NSW | CUSTOM SERVICES | Square+Round Wash Basin are individually hand crafted from the base structure by the designer in an art studio in Sydney. The unique polka-dot motifs are created with penny tiles which are set by hand for one of a kind design. The tiles are produced by artisans from traditional tile making … Continue reading “Square+Round Wash Basin”

Custom Made Tea Pots

MARRICKVILLE, NSW | The tea lovers ultimate gift. Gift a one of a kind tea pot that has been designed, hand thrown and hand painted by local award winning artist, Nathalie Pastro – or have your own unique tea pot created just for you. For tea drinkers and tea lovers alike, the humble tea pot is at the heart of … Continue reading “Custom Made Tea Pots”

Wash Basin Art & Design

MARRICKVILLE, NSW | Enlighten your bathroom or kitchen decor with bespoke hand painted wash basins by local award winning artist, Nathalie Pastro. Introducing a hand painted wash basin to your bathroom or kitchen interior decor, will add value and a special, unique touch to your space that cannot be reproduced. Each basin provided by the client, will be … Continue reading “Wash Basin Art & Design”

Portrait Artist

MARRICKVILLE, NSW | Self taught artist, Nathalie Ribiere, has a dynamic and diverse artistic range to cater for an array of personalised portrait work. Material options include acrylic painting on canvas, charcoal, pen ink on high quality paper, or on any object or materials such as textiles. This would need to be reviewed and is not guaranteed as it … Continue reading “Portrait Artist”

Soul Resin Art

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | ART COMMISSION | A highly unique, one of a kind resin artwork for your personal or business space. Commissioning an artwork is a great way to create a custom piece for your living/work space that suits your style. This form of art allows each piece created to be one of a kind … Continue reading “Soul Resin Art”

Marrickville Music Studio Hire

MARRICKVILLE, NSW | Marrickville Music Studio is an affordable studio space located at 79 Railway Parade, Marrickville. The studio is most suitable for rehearsals, recordings & for workshops. Musicians, singers and singer writers all welcome, across all ages and levels of experience. Open 7 days, 24 hour access is available pending booking and availability. Affordable rates … Continue reading “Marrickville Music Studio Hire”

Piano & Vocalist

MARRICKVILLE, NSW | ENTERTAINMENT | Piano and vocalist entertainer, Roberto Man, has a dynamic and diverse musical range to cater for your business or personal event needs. Suitable for an array of bookings at venues such as clubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, galleries, retail spaces, parties, weddings through to corporate events. Dynamic and diverse musical background Middle of … Continue reading “Piano & Vocalist”

stained glass design

MARRICKVILLE, NSW | Stained glass bespoke design & restoration services by artist and designer, Kim Willoughby. Traditional leadlight window styles Stained glass light catchers Stained glass lamp shades Bespoke design Modern & Traditional Varying techniques Quality services Value

Graffiti, Street Art & Art Commissions

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | Bill Moulton, is a multi disciplinary artist, youth worker and an expert and highly respected influencer of Australian street culture; street art, hip hop and break dancing. Exit (Bill Moulton) is available for art commissions. Murals, street art, schools, buildings, canvas art, motor vehicles and more.

Unique Lighting & Commissions

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | A variety of lamps, sculptures and objects are currently available for sale, including: Custom made items Vintage Industrial items Light Years ahead series Custom made lamps of your design are also available. You will need to visit the workshop in Annandale, Sydney to choose your own parts and components and John can then … Continue reading “Unique Lighting & Commissions”

Hand-painted Sign Writing Services

SYDNEY, NSW | ARTISTIC SERVICE | Zackly Write provides quality handwritten and hand crafted work that will last. Handcrafted services are within the Sydney area. The services include signwriting and a variety of artwork styles to choose from, across a variety of mediums including: Walls, glass, vehicles, awning fascias, band backdrops, banners, drum skins, chalkboards a-frames/sandwich boards, murals, … Continue reading “Hand-painted Sign Writing Services”

Unique Talisman Art

SYDNEY, NSW | ART COMMISSION | A highly personalised, circular artwork on a square board or canvas is created and used to focus powerful positive energy to an environment, be it an individual’s personal space, a family home or business premises. A Talisman is an object which is imbued with properties of power and protection. Talismans have … Continue reading “Unique Talisman Art”

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