Doggo Keep Cup 350mL | Hayden Youlley x Me & Amber
Doggo Keep Cup 350mL | Hayden Youlley x Me & Amber
Doggo Keep Cup 350mL | Hayden Youlley x Me & Amber

Doggo Keep Cup 350mL | Hayden Youlley x Me & Amber

Disposable cups are so 2020. Ceramic Keep cups feel great and are reusable time and time again. Do the planet and yourself a favour with a stylish, Australian, handmade, ceramic, porcelain, keep cup by Hayden Youlley. Browse the selection of sizes and finishes to find the perfect cup for your piccolo, regular or large coffee or tea.


A hand made white Imperial porcelain (ceramic) keep cup. A design collaboration between Hayden Youlley and Me & Amber.


  • Dimensions: 80 mm x 80 mm
  • Volume: 350 ml or 12 oz or Large Coffee
  • Material: Imperial translucent porcelain


  • All large cups are hand made by Hayden in his Marrickville studio.
  • They are slip cast in Imperial porcelain clay. Slip is a form of clay that is liquid. Porcelain is a  very refined, slightly off-white, translucent clay.
  • They are cast to a specific thickness that is a balance between elegant and suitable for practical everyday use.
  • They are fired in a kiln to 1280℃.
  • They are glazed on both the interior and exterior or on the interior only
  • Where the cup is not in stock, there is a 2 week minimum lead time to make.


  • The large cup is 350mls or 12 oz. This is perfect for anyone who enjoys a large cappuccino, large latte, hot chocolate, milo or tea.
  • With a silicone lid each cup can be used as you favourite keep cup
  • Each large cup is dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • They easily stack in all dishwashers.
  • The high firing temperature causes the exterior to be vitrified porcelain, making it extremely durable and giving it an extremely low water absorption rate of less than 0.5%
  • The glazing gives strength to each piece and allows for easy cleaning


  • The cups have a minimal playful aesthetic and look great in almost all interior design styles.
  • They match a clean modern aesthetic very well.
  • The glazed interior sets a lovely contrasts to the matte exterior finish.
  • The clear glaze catches the eye with its beautiful high gloss and light reflective characteristic.


  • It takes 39 uses before it is as energy efficient to a paper cup.
  • Using a ceramic keep cup for a year instead of a disposable cup can see a
  • 36–47% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • 64–85% reduction in water use
  • 91–92% reduction in landfill. 

Hayden Youlley ceramics are designed to surprise, and delight.

Works that are conceptually guided by an interest in discovering artistic value in the things most people (Hayden included), would normally disregard or overlook – for example, a crumpled piece of paper, which inspired the Paper Series.