Elisa Bartels modern black ceramic // Tumbler
Elisa Bartels modern black ceramic // Tumbler
Elisa Bartels modern black ceramic // Tumbler

Elisa Bartels modern black ceramic // Tumbler

Black porcelain glass – Australian pottery!

"A unique ceramic glass, smooth to touch and lovely to hold. I handcrafted this tumbler from Australian clay, place leaves on the surface, then black fired it for a modern, minimalist look. It is slip cast.

My black fired ceramics centre around the transformational magic of firing with sawdust in a closed container. Each piece is wrapped in leaves and then placed in a tin with saw dust and sealed. During the firing process the pores of the clay open and the smoke of the burning sawdust enters the piece. As the work cools the pores close and smoke is trapped in the clay body resulting in a spectrum of finishes from moody blacks to copper stains with imprints of the leaves

Perfect as a beer glass or for water, soda, cocktails or iced tea. All my black fired pieces are 100% food safe. It would also look beautiful as part of a mantelpiece or sideboard display, or it can even double as a small flower vase".

- Handmade with slight variations. A true one-of-a-kind piece!
- Black fired from Australian porcelain.
- 100% food safe and lead free.
- Hand wash only.

Height: 10cm
Diameter: 9.5cm
Capacity: 500ml (16.91oz)

NOTE: This listing is for one glass.

Irregularities in size and finish reflect the human touch during the making process and should be celebrated.


Clay is a natural material and requires skill to understand how the material reacts (eg. allowing for shrinkage when firing the product up to 1200 degrees Celsius). My ceramic pieces are the result of accumulated experience in working with clay for over a decade.

The process of black firing traps carbon within the clay to produce a matte black and white finish. The result is modern and minimalist.