Kurly Wurly Bar - ChikoMan Face Mask
Kurly Wurly Bar - ChikoMan Face Mask

Kurly Wurly Bar - ChikoMan Face Mask

Our ChikoMan design shows the coolest surfer dude on the beach, carrying his Chiko Roll longboard he's ready to deep-fry this pandemic and possibly get a few laughs along the way.

Because if you're going to "mask-up" you may as well look fantastic – and make people smile at the same time. They say laughter is the best medicine so this may be the super size prescription we all need to get through this.

Please note – These are NOT medical grade face masks, but they are made of three layers of 100% strong premium performance jersey material (the two inside layers are cotton and the outer layer is polyester).

Plus you can also wear them with with a matching button-up shirt, short and socks. I mean, co-ordinate these correctly and no one will even know you're wearing them!

Kurly (aka Michael Kovacs) is an illustrator that loves to create quirky drawings of the parts of Australia he loves – galahs, surfer dudes, brush turkeys, chiko rolls and sea gulls. Kurly has created a range of fashion items and accessories including party shirts, beach towels, stubby holders and socks.

Welcome to the Kurly Wurly Bar – where great designs are on tap.