Oleu Life Natural Feeling - Body Oil 50ml
Oleu Life Natural Feeling - Body Oil 50ml

Oleu Life Natural Feeling - Body Oil 50ml

When the seasons change, our skin changes too. Making sure our dry skin is moisturised properly is important.

Nurture your skin to the max during winter. This natural skincare Body Oil has been carefully created to help protect your dry skin and nurture it without leaving an oily feeling in the skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin hydrated and glowing throughout the day, without any sticky feeling. 

This blend of Hemp Seed oil and Coconut MCT oil will help to hydrate your skin throughout the day and shield it from those external factors that can dehydrate it. Combined with the nurturing aromas of pure Ylang Ylang essential oil and vibrant Grapefruit essential oil to help improve your circulation. 

This oil can also help with the elasticity of the skin, and therefore in the use of healing stretch marks. It keeps the skin moisturised and helps the marks to fade quicker. 


A flowery and earthy aroma with a citrus touch, combined with a nutty scent.


  1. Nurture your skin naturally by applying directly on your skin as a deep moisturiser for dry skin daily
  2. Ideal to use during the mid-seasons where the weather is changing our skin can be affected by these quick changes 
  3. During winter when our water consumption is less and our skin is more prompt to get dry
  4. Use as a daily moisturiser or on a special occasion where you want an extra glow 

    Oleu Life was born out of the desire to achieve this on-going journey to find our personal wellbeing. What started as a personal passion for the power on nature’s medicine, has now grown into a lifestyle that helps transform people's life through the use of essential oils on a daily basis.

    All our products are travel size and easy to carry around on your daily basis so you can have it at hand to re-apply during the day and on those occasions when they are most needed.


    Pure Organic Hemp Seed Virgin oil and Coconut MCT. 100% pure essential oils of: Organic Cananga Odorata oil (Ylang Ylang Complete oil) and Citrus X Paradisi oil (Pink Grapefruit oil), Vitamin E.

    Caution: Some ingredients are photosensitive, do not use whilst directly exposed to the sun.