Hypmotive Australia is for the inspired customer. We explore the local creative scene to bring to you, your own creative collective. HQ Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia

Unique Talisman Art

SYDNEY, NSW | ART COMMISSION | A highly personalised, circular artwork on a square board or canvas is created and used to focus powerful positive energy to an environment, be it an individual’s personal space, a family home or business premises. A Talisman is an object which is imbued with properties of power and protection. Talismans have … Continue reading “Unique Talisman Art”

Soul Resin Art

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | ART COMMISSION | A highly unique, one of a kind resin artwork for your personal or business space. Commissioning an artwork is a great way to create a custom piece for your living/work space that suits your style. This form of art allows each piece created to be one of a kind … Continue reading “Soul Resin Art”

Virtual Reality Arcade

SYDNEY, NSW | EXPERIENCE | VR Corner is Sydney’s first Multiplayer Virtual Reality Arcade that is based in ChinaTown, Central of Sydney CBD. It offers an array of VR experience for up to 5 players. Participants can choose from a selection of games featuring genres such as horror, FPS and action. Clients can don the VR … Continue reading “Virtual Reality Arcade”

Hand-painted Sign Writing Services

SYDNEY, NSW | ARTISTIC SERVICE | Zackly Write provides quality handwritten and hand crafted work that will last. Handcrafted services are within the Sydney area. The services include signwriting and a variety of artwork styles to choose from, across a variety of mediums including: Walls, glass, vehicles, awning fascias, band backdrops, banners, drum skins, chalkboards a-frames/sandwich boards, murals, … Continue reading “Hand-painted Sign Writing Services”

Thrumka Bamms Tee

MARRICKVILLE, NSW | Thrumka Bamms 808 print in black on grey marle. Thrumka’s design philosophy is based on functionality and simplicity with unique print designs being the key element. Handprinted 100% super soft cotton Thrumka design ABOUT Main: 100% Cotton Print: Black SIZE S, M, L, XL CARE Cold machine wash. Do not iron print

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Unique Lighting & Commissions

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | A variety of lamps, sculptures and objects are currently available for sale, including: Custom made items Vintage Industrial items Light Years ahead series Custom made lamps of your design are also available. You will need to visit the workshop in Annandale, Sydney to choose your own parts and components and John can then … Continue reading “Unique Lighting & Commissions”

Graffiti, Street Art & Art Commissions

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | Bill Moulton, is a multi disciplinary artist, youth worker and an expert and highly respected influencer of Australian street culture; street art, hip hop and break dancing. Exit (Bill Moulton) is available for art commissions. Murals, street art, schools, buildings, canvas art, motor vehicles and more.

Reuleaux Pinky Ring with Australian Sapphire

MARRICKVILLE, NSW |Sterling silver Reuleaux Pinky Ring, hand crafted with Australian sapphires.  This product is part of the signature Reuleaux series by Metal By Mitch.   SAPPHIRE COLOURS Pink Blue/Grey Olive SIZES Med (ring size H) Lge (ring size J)  

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    By shopping with us, you are supporting local creatives and local brands.

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    We explore and discover the creative scenes, bringing the art and products from the creators work space, studio and markets direct to you!

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    Discover unique designs by creators from around Australia that you connect with and are inspired by. Unique designs are always remarkable conversation starters and make for impressive gifts for partners, friends or family.

  4. connection

    Through our creator and brand profiles, you can learn more about the story behind the people, their inspiration, art and their brand.

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Hypmotive is for the inspired customer. 

As a customer, you will have your own local Hypmotive online collective and shop to buy creations that you connect with or inspire you, or for a gift for friends or family that will come with it, a great story to share with others.

We feature authentic, creative people and brands who have their own “edge”.

They are creative entrepreneurs, across all ages, who are making quality items, art and who are providing quality or innovative services.

As a creator, you will have your own local Hypmotive collective to tell your story, grow your business and gain access to the creators hub community and connect with like minded creatives.

Our platform caters to support creatives, by providing affordable selling space and marketing support. We provide a managed set-up and account management service, so you don’t have to worry about all of the online, techy stuff. This will enable you to spend more time creating.

The categories we specialise in are clothing, accessories, home, interior and lifestyle.

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