Discover and shop Australia’s incredible designers, makers and brands at Hypmotive.

When we first had the initial idea for Hypmotive, we dug a little deeper into the ‘why’ aspect. We found that at the heart of it, it is all about creativity. Nurturing and cultivating this remarkable ‘thing’ we all possess. We believe that to be creative is to apply our individual innate gifts and originality we each have through resourcefulness, invention, ingenuity, imagination and ideas.

As we are centred around creativity, we exist to bring to you, your own go-to destination for thoughtful gifts, art, items and fashion created by local brands, artists, designers and makers each with their own unique story to tell, and we provide you space and experiences to explore your own inner creative via workshops and activities we host at Hypmotive hub. Come and visit us at 155 Marrickville Road, Marrickville, NSW.

Hypmotive is for the inspired customer. By making a purchase through us, you are making a difference by helping to cultivate our local creative scene and you are providing us with the ability to continue to support and showcase more of Australia’s established and emerging creative talent.


By shopping with us, you are supporting the local art scene, local creatives and local businesses.


We explore the local creative scenes, bringing unique art and wares from the creatives work space, studio and markets direct to you.


Find unique designs by local creatives from around Australia that you connect with and are inspired by. Unique designs are always remarkable conversation starters and make for impressive gifts for partners, friends or family.


Through our creator and brand stories, you can learn more about the story behind the people, their inspiration, their process and their brand.


At Hypmotive Hub in Marrickville, you can shop, meet and hang out. You can come and see an art exhibition, new product launch and experience a variety of talks and activities. If the experience includes creativity and people, you can find it here at the hub – so really it’s your creative hub, to immerse yourself in.

We acknowledge that the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the land.

We acknowledge that the prior ownership of this area of land in Marrickville, New South Wales, where we live and operate from, is by the Cadigal people of the Eora nation who were dispossessed by European invasion more than two hundred years ago.


Hi guys, we're the Hyp-team! 

Renee Russo | the business side

Having spent the decade of her twenties as a self proclaimed “experience junkie” seeking adrenalin and testing her limits through a variety of activities such as solo sky diving, recreational mountain bike riding and wakeboarding, through to more chilled outdoor activities such as cruising around on her longboard skatey with her dogs, she travelled to a few places around the world to experience different cultures and to try and satisfy her sense of adventure.

Her work experience ranges from hospitality in the early days, where she worked at a café, serving coffees and waitressing, to entering the corporate world working as a customer service rep for an airlines loyalty program, before moving into her career in retail where she worked for 10 years in various roles from administration, packaging design, promotions and marketing, product development and buying. In her most recent corporate years, she was responsible to deliver new product development from strategic range development, through to launch on shelf. This is where she developed an admiration for the creative process of development and the global connectivity of the world we live in.

Having resigned after 10 years working for the one retail company, her focus and energy is now full time on fulfilling Hypmotive’s purpose.

How she practices creativity:

“Having a love for the whole process of development, I do enjoy mindfully applying fundamental steps to create something into the physical. From that first flicker of an idea right through to having a finished product in front of you and where you take it next. I enjoy writing and at times, drawing our dogs doing human things, I love the “films” that play in my imagination when I think about them doing these things as I draw them! It is a comedically satisfying, free form of entertainment. Other creative pursuits vary and at this moment in time, most of my creative expression is being poured into Hypmotive, how the business is structured to add value in various forms and what we present.”

Jake Russo | the artist & designer

He has always been an imaginative person and has always have been a tinkerer, spending endless hours in his pop’s shed as a young kid, building imaginary machinery out of junk, mechanical parts.

Fast forward to now, his main desire is to reconnect with his creative-self to be more aligned with the lifestyle he desires to move forward with.

His focus has been his career over the past 10 years which is within a commercial industry. Through this time, he went through a stint of disconnection. He spent his spare time watching tv shows of people creating and he felt that he had lost the connection with who he was and that he had lost the connection on how to express himself artistically.

Because of this, over the years, he started to dabble again in painting and restorations. Through this discovery and experiments with artistic forms of creativity, he has felt more inspired and excited about life.

He started his career in a drafting apprenticeship at an electrical consulting firm. He then went on a career break for a year, moving into a role as a store man in a lighting shop where he was introduced to hands-on electrical work (and introduced to Renee). Then moving to a network provider, wiring cables in houses and apartment blocks. He then returned into a drafting corporate role, which has developed into a design engineering position. He has been within the same company for 13 years and now manages a team of designers, finding enjoyment in teaching and passing on knowledge he has gained over the years.

How he practices creativity:

“I like taking something that is undesirable or unrelated and making it something that is desirable. I like seeing the transformation and moving through this process. I enjoy repurposing furniture and lighting. I am also currently in the process of building a vintage motorcycle. I have a desire to learn more creative skills to broaden my scope on what I can create and to work alongside other creatives to exchange ideas and understand different concepts.”

Renata Safadi | shop assistant & designer

Renata Safadi has experience working within the creative industries as a textile designer for one of Brazil's largest womens fashion brands "Mario Filo", accompanied with a breadth of experience within the hospitality industry in managerial and customer service led roles. 

She is currently studying her Masters of Business Administration.

How she practices creativity:

By observing other creatives and what they do inspires me to create, as well as being in nature. A deadline and a bottle of a wine also helps me to realise my ideas! 

Our Support Team


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 Juno, "art on paws" Delivery Manager

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